Advantages of Installing Artificial Turf in Playgrounds

1. Artificial Turf is a Safe and Comfortable Playing Surface

Artificial grasses absorb shocks and improve safety in playgrounds. They are not as sharp as wood chips or gravel and can’t be thrown around like dirt and sand. Many artificial playground turfs have been certified safe by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). IPEMA’s safety standards are derived from ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Many artificial grass products meet this standard and the IPEMA’s strict safety requirements. These grasses are safe for children to play on, as they reduce the risk of injuries from falls.

Professional installers of artificial turf can add an additional layer of padding to enhance its shock-absorbing qualities. This is usually a thin layer of foam or rubber beneath the playground turf.

2. Artificial Turf is Weather and Water Resistant

Most playground surfaces are not designed to withstand heavy downpours. Concrete can lose traction, causing slips. Wood chips absorb water and encourage bacterial growth. Gravel can be slippery, and heavy rains can wash it away. Dirt can become mud and wash away as well.

Artificial grasses are designed to resist weather and encourage rapid drainage. The turf is porous, allowing water to flow through without obstruction. Artificial turf can drain 30 inches of rainwater per hour, making it much less likely to flood.

3. Artificial Playground Turf Needs Minimal Upkeep

Artificial turf is low maintenance once installed. No mowing, weeding, edging, or fertilizing is required. Artificial grass is a cost-effective option, particularly after installation. Although installing turf can be more expensive initially, the cost of maintenance is much lower.

Artificial grass only requires occasional cleaning. Eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products are available that can be applied quickly and washed away, leaving the grass safe and clean for kids.

4. Artificial Turf Looks and Feels Like Real Grass

Modern artificial grasses have a superior appearance and texture compared to older turf products. They are more colorful and corrugated, which reduces glare and makes them look more like real grass. The thatch layer on high-quality turfs is designed to look like the dead grass blades mixed in with a natural field, giving it a more convincing look and feel.

Artificial grasses are also more resilient than natural grasses. They return to their original shape more quickly and reliably, which is essential for durability. Artificial grasses feel soft and natural to the touch.

5. Artificial Turf is a Long-Term Surface Solution

High-quality turfs can last up to 20+ years. The UV inhibitors in quality grasses prevent colors from fading and ensure that the blades remain fresh throughout their lifetime. Artificial turf will pay for itself in a few short years, thanks to reduced water and maintenance costs. It is not only a durable surface but also cost-effective.

Why Artificial Turf Installation Should Be Handled by Professionals

Installing synthetic turf by professionals ensures the best results. Many property owners who try to do the job themselves end up with disappointing results. Professional turf installation is recommended for several reasons:

  • Experience with Best Installation Techniques: Artificial turf needs to be cut, shaped, anchored, and seamed correctly to achieve a professional, clean look. Professionals follow best practices to ensure the turf looks and performs as it should, especially in playgrounds with children.
  • Tools and Equipment: Expert installation of synthetic grass requires specific tools that are not common and can be hard to find. Professional installers bring all the necessary equipment to the project.
  • Manpower to Complete the Project Quickly: Some playground turf projects are large and require a team to complete on time. Professional installers with large crews can tackle any turf project, regardless of size, and deliver impeccable results.


Artificial grass is a safe, cost-effective, and ideal surface for playgrounds. It offers a natural appearance, excellent shock absorption, ease of maintenance, and rapid drainage, making it a great fit for playgrounds in The Woodlands and Houston. Working with an experienced artificial grass installer ensures that your artificial grass can withstand years of fun and games for children.

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