Backsplash Trends of 2022 

Incorporating the best pattern and materials in kitchen design is vital to a synchronized kitchen theme. Backsplashes are one of the essential kitchen materials holding together harmony in the area. It is considered one of the focal points in the food preparation area that can make or break your kitchen’s overall atmosphere.

As more people take time to upgrade their kitchens, backsplashes have become one of the sought-after materials in the market. If you plan to make that last-minute kitchen remodeling in Dana Point, here are some options you can choose from. Many kitchen experts view these backsplash trends of 2022 to continue even in the years to come.

Vertically Tiled Backsplash

This design, available in various combinations through kitchen remodeling companies in Dana Point, gives any kitchen a tidy and timeless appearance. For a more textural background, tiles are positioned vertically, which is especially important for compact kitchens.

Herringbone Pattern

Because it gives a backsplash more design and movement, this concept is growing in popularity. It can also make a neutral color scheme more vibrant. The use of warmer tones in backsplashes is another trend. As for some homeowners, white is frequently used in kitchens,and interior designers prefer mixing it with warmer hues. Backsplashes can be formed of marble slabs or glazed wall tile in addition to neutral colors.

Geometric Patterns

While rectangle tiles are still a timeless choice for any kitchen, 2022 sees a rise in the popularity of unusual geometric tile shapes. The available options are square, triangular, hexagon, polygon, diamond, and pyramid-shaped geometric tiles. Homeowners choose them as they can be stacked to produce a distinct appearance and feel.Another well-liked backsplash choice is geometric wallpapers. Wallpapers and prints with geometric patterns are now trendy. 

Given a myriad of backsplash ideas to choose from, you’ll indeed have one that will fit your style. With good lighting and a carefully selected color theme, your kitchen can look stunning in no time. Check out this infographic by Mr. Cabinet Care and read about other backsplash ideas for 2022.

Backsplash Trends of 2022

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