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Cleaning is not everyone’s idea of fun, but I believe we can all agree that a clean and pleasant house is essential. It is not unexpected that many individuals use cleaning services to maintain their homes.

When juggling a demanding work, family, and social life, it is common to sometimes put off cleaning. Every single person has had a similar experience. However, time is literally money. Therefore, if you decide to employ a house cleaning service, you should do all possible to maximise their time at your home.

In this article, we will discuss five strategies to get the most out of the house cleaning service you hire, from what to do before the cleaners come to how to explain your wants to them in a pleasant manner. Follow these procedures to make your house more manageable for the cleaning service in order to get the most out of their visit.

Purge and declutter

Have you ever been so careless as to leave soiled dishes in the sink? Do you discard your unclean clothing on the floor or stack them on a chair? Do you sometimes forget to return your shoes to the closet when you get home? The affirmative The very fact that you are a person means that your living space will ultimately get cluttered.

However, hiring a professional cleaning service is not meant to free family members of their responsibilities to clean up after themselves. Before the cleaners arrive, you should pick up any articles that are strewn over the floor, clear any counters or table tops, and put away any other items that might be in the way. They will not be responsible for removing the debris off your worktops if you hire a professional Cleaning Service Fort Collins.

Clearly Communicate Your Priorities to Others

Even while you should avoid micromanaging the cleaner in every aspect of their work, it is still a good idea to communicate your service requirements. Create a prioritized list of the things you want cleaned, categorizing them according to the room, the items and surfaces included inside it, and the kind of cleaning you want. Should you instruct the cleaner to concentrate on vacuuming the carpets, washing the floors, dusting the floorboards, or cleaning specific items and surfaces if you want the whole main floor cleaned?

Clearing out the sink and shower drains

In addition to listing your top cleaning priorities, you should also mention what you absolutely do not want done (that is, what the cleaners should concentrate on if they have additional time). Simply stating, “Don’t worry about the garage,” is sufficient. The entrances to restricted locations must be secured.


Post-it notes including detailed directions on which areas should be cleaned might be an effective approach to convey your preferences to the cleaners. For example, you may prop open the bathroom door and attach a note on the inside that reads, “Please clean the toilet bowl, floors, and sink.” In this situation, cleaning the shower or tub in the bathroom is unnecessary. Thanks!”

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