Five Important Features Your Kitchen Renovation Should Include If You Want to Age in Place

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, you may want to include features that let you age in place more easily. By integrating such features, you can continue to use your kitchen safely and comfortably while you age. Your Armoires En Gros renovation cuisine should include the following features:

Cabinets and Shelves

When you renovate your kitchen, think about installing pull-down shelves in the upper cabinets and pull-out drawers in the lower ones. Pull-down shelves eliminate the need to stretch or reach up to get the items you need. And when you have pull-out drawers, you no longer need to lean or bend over to get stuff out of the cabinets’ back area.

As you get older, it can be harder to get items in corner cabinets. Depending on your preferred look and function, you can install a lazy Susan or three separate drawers instead of one big corner cabinet. In addition, you can easily and safely get items when you have a pull-out pantry. 


As you age, you will want to have countertops of varying heights installed in the kitchen, so you can have areas to sit down or stand while you do some chores. If your countertops are of the same level, you may not be able to use them frequently as you get older. 


If you are seeing yourself living in your house as you age, you must avoid slippery floors that require significant maintenance. You must pick a non-slip floor that can be easily maintained like vinyl floors or porcelain tiles. 

Light Switches

Ensure your kitchen’s light switches are easy to use. Consider having rocker-type switches near the kitchen doors or entrances. Also, automatic lights can be installed in the kitchen. These tend to come on every time you enter the room.   

Lighting Options

When you age, you want to have as much lighting as possible in the house to minimise the risk of slips and falls as well as prevent eye strain. During the renovation, make adjustments that allow for more natural light in the kitchen by adding windows or a skylight. Also, overhead lights offer lots of brightness for various parts of the kitchen. Do not ignore the importance of task lighting in some areas like under cabinets to provide greater light, so you can see things while you perform certain tasks such as chopping vegetables. 

If you want to remodel your kitchen, get in touch with a reputable renovation expert. You need the right professional to help you outdoor kitchen design services sturbridge ma and construct a kitchen that meets your changing needs.

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