Five Reasons to Keep Your Gutters Clean

man standing on ladder and cleaning roof rain gutter from dirt

Gutter cleaning is meant to get rid of debris such as leaves and dirt that have accumulated in your home’s gutters. While it may not be your favourite home maintenance project, regular gutter cleaning is an investment in your property’s health. 

Your gutters keep rainfall away from your home, reducing potential structural damage to it and its foundation. They are vulnerable to clogging due to the presence of debris and dust in rainwater and the leaves of nearby trees. Also, small bits of eroded shingles may collect in them. When clogged or damaged, the gutters can result in costly repairs, so they should be given the utmost attention. It is important to hire Zachs gutter cleaning service twice every year. Here’s why you should keep your gutters clean:

Protect Your House from Water Damage

Rain gutters channel rainwater away from your house when it runs off the roof. Blocked gutters can cause water to pool around your home’s base, causing damage. In addition, when the gutters are clogged, roof leaks can occur. When this happens, your walls, floor, ceiling, and fascia board can suffer structural damage.  

Keep Animals Away from the Gutters

Rodents, birds, and mosquitoes can use leaves, and twigs accumulated in your gutters as nests. These nests can block up the drains and offers pests an ideal place to live and reproduce. Unfortunately, these pests can be disease carriers. Also, rats and mice can destroy your home’s structure and burrow into the foundation. By cleaning the gutters regularly, you keep animals and pests away from your house.

Prevent Your Roof from Leaking

A clogged gutter system cannot effectively drain water from the roof. This can lead to the accumulation of water on the roof, possibly causing a leak into your house. Water from roof leaks may rot the walls, ceilings, rails, and floors as well as lead to the buildup of mould in the roof.

Protect Your Landscape

Your property’s landscaping increases its curb appeal. Also, offers shade during the hottest months of the year, shelter from the wind, and redirects rainfall. Rain gutters divert excess rainwater away from the garden and plants. If your gutters are clogged, the water collected in it can erode soil and wash your vegetation away, damaging it. 

Ensure Your Roof Lasts

With clogged cutters that don’t have gutter covers charlottesville va, water can pool on the roof, subjecting your roof tiles and shingles to significant wear and tear. Over time, your shingles or tiles can crack or get damaged, causing roof leaks.

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