Looking For A Classic Luxury Flooring Solution? Axminster Carpet Is What You Should Consider

In 1755, a cloth weaver based in Axminster carpet, England named Thomas Whitty started making Axminster carpets. These carpets were previously used in the Chatsworth House and Brighton Pavilion. King George III and Queen Charlotte also bought Axminster carpets soon after visiting the factory. Undeniably, these carpets are of exceptional aesthetics and durability. They look gorgeous and are often specified by designers and architects to add value to several spaces such as convention centers, hotel interiors, public corridors, and other prestigious places.

This is a little history of Axminster carpets. Now, it’s time to know why these carpets are gaining popularity day by day. So, continue reading;

  1. Naturally Resilient

One of the biggest benefits of choosing an Axminster carpet is it is naturally resilient. They offer several benefits such as long-term appearance retention and recovery from compression. And wait, there’s more; Axminster carpets also improve indoor air quality by absorbing all the harmful pollutants from the environment such as Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulfur Dioxide. They are also ideal to place in humid areas as they can absorb moisture and humidity, stabilizing the thermal properties of the place.

  1. Versatility

Nothing can beat the versatility of Axminster carpets. They offer great features in terms of esthetics, performance, and value that other carpet types wouldn’t. Since these carpets are woven into looms, they offer incredible flexibility in colors, patterns, and designs.

  1. Ideal For Commercial Spaces

Since Axminster carpets are incredibly durable, they are ideal to place in areas with higher-foot traffic. You can place them in all public spaces such as restaurants, hotels, casinos, country clubs, convention centers, or other entertainment establishments. Most types of Axminster carpets are made using a blend of 80% wool and 20% anti-static nylon.

  1. Excellent Durability

The construction method of Axminster carpets is very unique and this is what makes them extremely durable. They can easily withstand heavier foot traffic for years.

  1. Unique Construction

Although all types of carpets contain a pile material and a backing. With Axminster carpets, the case is a little bit different. Here, the pile and backing material are woven together to eliminate the delamination problems and accompany bubbles and ripples.

  1. Can Be Customized

Axminster carpets come in either readymade or customized options. However, you can have higher possibilities of colors and designs in case of customizing. From bold patterns to neutral colors, Axminster carpets are available in many types to complement every décor.

Axminster carpets, without any doubt, are a wonderful flooring solution, and for many good reasons. High-density weaves, crisp and complex patterns, appearance retention, versatility, and durability–you’ll get all these features from Axminster carpets. What is great about these carpets is they do not emit VOCs into the environment, making the atmosphere healthier and safe for everyone. From luxurious hotels to practical installations in public buildings, headquarters, and transport facilities, these carpets can be installed anywhere because of their remarkable features!

Clare Louise

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