Reasons You May Still See Some Pests After a Rockville Pest Control Treatment

Pest Control Treatment

Seeing more insects following a pest control treatment is quite frustrating. You pay a Rockville pest control company to help you keep a pest-free environment and trust them fully. If experts cannot help control pests, who can?

The truth is that seeing more insects after getting a pest control treatment is normal. Usually, you need to give the treatment some time to take into effect. Apart from timing, there are various reasons you may see some pests following a treatment. These include the following:

First Treatment

 Pest Control Treatment

A single pest control treatment may not handle everything. During the first treatment, bugs are flushed from where they hide. You can expect to see many spiders, ants, and roaches coming out after the first treatment. Additionally, some treatment products are designed to work slowly. They are quite effective for treating ants and roaches. Both pests will take the bait back to their nests and share it with others. Since the bait is slow-working, it can spread to more pests, making it effective. Following every treatment, pest populations are reduced. Usually, it takes just three treatments to completely eliminate an infestation. 

Uninterrupted Life Cycle

 Trained pest control technicians work the science in pest control to eliminate an infestation. Depending on the treatment’s timing, insects may respond differently. For instance, as some eggs are not susceptible to pesticides, those that hatch following the treatment can lead to the presence of bugs after service. 

To get pests in your house under control, their life cycle must be broken. Some pest control companies offer back-to-back treatments every month to break the life cycle of pests early in the process. 


Pests and their habitats tend to change with the weather. Humidity and heat are the main culprits of such a change. As the winter months exit, bug activity usually increases. 

As with heat, moisture can contribute to the presence of bugs after treatment. Pests look for shelter every time it rains. This usually can be your dry house. Although proper exclusion efforts can keep pests outside, wet weather can motivate them to seek shelter indoors. In addition, moisture is a variable that lets pests reproduce more. Thus, rai usually results in increased pest populations contributing to continuous sightings. 

Sources of Water and Food

For bugs and other pests, water is a life source. Pests that have constant access to after are hard to eliminate. For instance, roaches can stay alive without a head for many days, but not without water. Also, food sources can contribute to the sightings of pests after treatment. To make your home less attractive to pests, clean the floors often, particularly in the pantry and kitchen. Also, clean the pet food area regularly and keep pet food off the ground.

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