Signs you need to Replace your Electric Water Heater

An electric storage water heater can perhaps be the most convenient investment you can make for your bathroom. It serves plenty of practical purposes, such as delivering hot showers every morning, washing dishes, and many more. But since most of these units come as a single-point water heater, they may be abused to extensive damage.

Even the best water heater can only last for so long. What are the signs your existing electric water heater needs to go? Here are some of the symptoms you should check.

Your Water Heater is Old

Often, all it takes to replace your water heater is its age. Most of these units can only last for around ten years, and any more than that may lead to inefficiency. 

You must be aware that old appliances may be more prone to bigger issues the older they are. For instance, an old electrical water heater might have rusting or electrical wiring problems, which could cause potential injury if neglected. If your current water heater is aging, it is best to replace it.

To determine the age of your electric water heater, check the unit’s serial number, most likely a sticker at the top. You can use this number to look up more data about the product on the manufacturer’s website.

Discolored Water

Have you ever turned on your shower one day and found yellowish, smelly water coming out of the nozzle? While this might mean your pipe systems are the problem, your water heater may have a hand in it.

Since your electric water heater is always subject to water, the pipes might corrode and lead to rust buildup over time. Dirty water is not safe to use and may cause health concerns. Check if your heater’s sacrificial anode rod, the component responsible for preventing rust, is exhausted.

If the anode rod is n longer functional, consider replacing it. But, if you still see rusty water after the rod was replaced, remove the entire water heater and get a new one.

Insufficient Hot Water

Sometimes, not enough hot water comes out of your shower’s nozzle. You might have it turned on and notice a rise in your bills, but the water remains cold.

At this point, your electric water heater can no longer perform its purpose, whether because of an issue with the thermostat or because it has entirely given up. A failing water heater is useless and causes your bills to rise, so get a new one as soon as possible.

Getting a New Electric Water Heater

If your current heater checks all the traits above, it is time to go shopping for a brand-new model. But with hundreds of options, how do you know which to purchase? Check out this informative blog by Rheem Philippines.

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